FAQ-Solomon Coatings (Pty)Ltd


What is Powder Coating?
Powder coating is a type of coating that uses electrostatic dry powder by means of free flowing.
It does not use any solvent like other conventional spray applications but cures when under heat .
Curing times and tempretures may vary by suppliers,colours and finishes
Do you need to Galvinise if you powder coat?
 Powder coating is purelly decorative it has no anti corresive properties (unless stipulated otherwise) 
(Zinc powder and red oxide : these powders are specially formulated but we still inisist that items should be either plated or galvinized . )

How durable is powder coating ?
Powder coating is stronger then conventional painting it is *impact resistant and *cut resistant
(*ISO 6272-1)  (* ISO 13997 )
How many colours are there ?
There are liteally 100s of 1000s of colours out there in our store room alone we boast  about 2.2tons with about
100 different colours .Almost any colour can be aquired  ( Contact our technical department about any colour variations you may be intrested in)
How long does the powder coating process take?
The coating itself is a very quick process, its the pretreatment that takes up the bulk of the time 
The process begins with items being washed by a heated high pressure machine with a phosphate chemical 
then it gets degreased ,rinsed ,Etched and descaled with a acid based chemical once we are happy with the substrates profile it will then 
be rinsed and a Sealer is applied .
If items are rusted more then just the surface we will opt for shotblasting if the material can with stand the Psi/force of abrassive .
Items are then Coated and baked at its curing tempreture/time

Do you Deliver / Pick up ?
Yes we do (Cape Town / blackheath surrounding areas) A reasonable fee will be charged
{ Eg : A round trip from blackheath to bellville would be approximately R450 (max of <1 ton, Truck : 2ton R850 >  ) } 
Do you have card facilities
Yes we do , we also accept EFT’s